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Meet The Team

Our Mission is to make an impact on a global audience by creating the stage/platform for artists, filmmakers, and producers to share diverse distinctive stories that inspire the culture. Our Vision is driven by its entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to provide an outlet and empower the voices of filmmakers, artists, and talent in the industry. Faith Media Distribution provides theatrical distribution, home entertainment, digital distribution (SVOD/AVOD), new channel platforms, and international distribution.


Manny Halley

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Yolanda Halley

President, Director International Sales and Distribution

Rodney Turner II

Chief Operations Officer, Director US Theatrical Booking

Faith Media Distribution

Is a streamlined, highly focused, and audience driven distribution company, with the flexibility and nimbleness to constantly be responsive to the urban consumer market. There is no existing enterprise with a development and production model that creates, distributes, and markets to the urban audience at the pace in which they are able to. Within a short period, Faith Media has built a reputation for consistently providing urban-themed film products that are commercial, critical, and audience successes.

Theatrical Distribution

Theatrical Distribution

Faith Media distribution has partnerships with the Big 3 (AMC, Regal, and Cinemark) as well as over 30 other theater chains and handles both limited releases ranging from as little as 20 locations to wide releases of 1,500+ screens.

Digital Distribution

Digital Distribution

Faith Media and its partners offer digital home video distribution services (TVOD/AVOD) on over 20 different platforms including Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple Movies, Fandango Now, Tubi, and many others.

Linear Broadcast Distribution

Linear Broadcast Distribution

Faith Media has an overall deal with Viacom (BET Networks) as well as the capacity to license films to other broadcast television networks.
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