Faith Media is a streamlined, highly focused, and audience driven distribution company, with the flexibility and nimbleness to constantly be responsive to the urban consumer market. There is no existing enterprise with a development and production model that creates, distributes, and markets to the urban audience at the pace in which they are able to. Within a short period, Faith Media has built a reputation for consistently providing urban-themed film products that are commercial, critical, and audience successes.

: : Mission – To make an impact on a global audience by creating the stage/platform for artists, filmmakers, and producers to share diverse distinctive stories that inspire the culture.

: : Vision – Driven by its entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to provide an outlet and empower the voices of filmmakers, artists, and talent in the industry. Faith Media Distribution provides theatrical distribution, home entertainment, digital distribution (SVOD/AVOD), new channel platforms, and international distribution.

: : History – Faith Media made its debut in the film distribution business with the 2017 release of “True to the Game,” starring Columbus Short, Vivica Fox, and the late Nelsan Ellis. The film was independently financed and produced by Imani Media Group and earned $1.2 million in a limited release. Faith Media would then secure partnerships with Netflix (SVOD) and BET (Broadcast) to license their films. The sequel, True to the Game 2, was released in 2020 and surpassed True 1 in box office revenue despite many theater locations being shut down due to the pandemic. In 2021 while many major studios began pulling their titles from theaters and releasing them straight to streaming, Faith Media forged ahead releasing Dutch (Lance Gross, Gunna) Real Talk (Loretta Divine), A Holiday Chance (Sharon Leal, Nafessa Williams), and True to the Game 3 (Vivica A Fox, Columbus Short) the 3rd installment from the franchise. Having successfully released six features in its first four years, Faith Media Distribution is here to stay with a slate of over 10 films currently in development or production including “IMANI”, “WAYWARD”, “GREENLIGHT”, “AFTERSHOCK: THE NICOLE BELL STORY”, a biographical drama about Nicole Paultre Bell, the activist, and fiancée of Sean Bell who was fatally shot by NYPD on their wedding day in 2006 and ”SOULMATES” a psychological thriller which was one of 26 films awarded a tax credit from the state of California


Manny Halley
Chief Executive Officer
Manny Halley's Bio

Manny Halley, CEO of Faith Media Distribution is a successful entrepreneur and music mogul with countless successes throughout his career. Halley worked in the music industry for more than two decades managing the careers of superstar recording artists such as Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole, Young Thug, and music producers London on the Track and Wheezy Beats

Halley first stepped into the film industry, when he began executive producing projects such as: “Sacred Is The Flesh”, written by Nasir Jones (Nas) (2001), Lionsgate’s “Truth Be Told” starring Regina King and Blair Underwood (2004), Laurieann Gibson’s dance workout DVD, “Breakin’ It Down With Laurieann Gibson” (2005), and fantasy drama, “You, Me & The Circus” produced by Omar Epps (2012). Halley expanded his producer experience into television by partnering with BET Networks to produce the hit reality series “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” in 2006. Season two’s finale drew in a reported three million viewers, becoming the biggest recurring and original series in BET’s original programming history. Manny would go to serve as executive producer on “Frankie & Neffe”, a spinoff that followed the lives of Keyshia Coles’ biological mother and her sister. In all Halley produced over 100 episodes of the series and his vision to bring music artists to television helped spawn reality TV as we see it today.

A man of strength, faith, and humility, Imani “Manny” Halley will continue to set the bar. His talent, relationships, and keen sense of understanding of what the people want will furthermore create a cultural touchstone embarking on new endeavors. Similar to producers Tyler Perry and Will Packer, Manny has sought to build a leading production empire by creating a niche within the urban marketplace. His vision to acquire the rights to literary works with built-in audiences is one way Manny and his team will stay ahead of the curve in the race for compelling content. The market for urban-themed films is rapidly growing and Manny’s business model for Faith Media Distribution seeks to take advantage of this reality. Manny is hustle personified and the future looks bright for the entertainment mogul.

Yolanda Halley
Director International Sales and Distribution
Yolanda Halley’s Bio


Rodney Turner II
Chief Operations Officer
Director US Theatrical Booking
Rodney Turner II's Bio

Rodney Turner II is a film producer, distribution executive, and entertainment manager from Dallas, TX. He gained his first experience as a film producer with the release of True to the Game (2017) starring Vivica A Fox and Columbus Short. Other producer credits include True to the Game 2 (2020), Dutch (2021), Real Talk (2021), A Holiday Chance (2021), and True to the Game 3 (2021). In addition to producing, Rodney has also become a vital part of the distribution team and serves as the Director of US Theatrical Sales and is responsible for all of the studio’s US domestic bookings. As Faith Media continues to be an emerging studio increasing its footprint in the TV/Film space, Rodney is positioned to have staying power by transitioning his talents and maximizing relationships from over his 15+ years of experience in the entertainment business.